throwing kelp

By: michisle

Jan 01 2011

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Category: China Beach


Focal Length:210mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

2 comments on “throwing kelp”

  1. Hi Michelle….I sometimes really enjoy picking up a kelp and hitting things with it…..I find it cathartic…….I once swung a kelp with a huge bulb on a boulder and got a face full of sea water. I had an audience and we laughed so hard we were rolling in the sand with the kids yelling…”do it again!.”

    On China beach, I was walking along the tideline, believing I was alone. I found a perfect unrotten, whole kelp. I swung it and hit the ground over and over as I walked. I found a rhythm and a pattern, slamming the bulb on one side of my feet and then another, avoiding hitting them by a split second. I was really into it when a young couple caught up to me and breathlessly asked, obviously fascinated, why I was doing what I was doing.

    Immediately taking up the challenge, I told them that I was calling clams. That the vibration I caused alerted the clams to come to the surface. That I walked the beach one way, then walked back the way I had come and picked up the clams that had answered my call. I usually got enough for a chowder.I told them that I had learned the technique from an ancient Tsimpshian granny woman.

    They believed me and rushed off to pass on the news. I continued down the beach, drumming up clams and stories with ancient rhythms.

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