blue petals, yellow stamen

2 comments on “blue petals, yellow stamen”

  1. That’s the iconic camas flower, a prized staple food for indigenous people for thousands of years. It’s rare now and its presence indicates an old, undisturbed meadow.

    I suggest you get a copy of Plants of Coastal BC by Pojar and MacKinnon. But the best way to learn plants is to walk around with someone who knows them – that’s how I learned most of what I know!

    • Thank-you. I recognized it from childhood but had forgotten the name. They aren’t so common farther north, my more recent stomping grounds. I supose the flower is rare now because there isn’t many old, undisturbed meadows. I do know the book, but sometimes it’s more fun to tweet such questions. I like to see who is interested in the subject and to hear the personal references. I found out one of my fellow Twitterers has a blue camas tattooed on his arm, and that the white camas that grows next to the blue is poisonous!

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